Summer Employment

Summer Staff Applications are now open!

 All Camp Lutherwood Oregon staff members are called to create an intentional community that supports and cares for each camper, and values all people as children of our Creator. Staff members are expected to keep campers safe and facilitate fun, creative, and safe activities. Staff members show, through words and actions, a response to God’s grace by their commitment to service, community, and creation. 


Why work at camp?

Looking for a job that offers “something more” this summer? Be a positive role model and make a different in children’s lives, all while growing personally and professionally by working at Camp Lutherwood Oregon!

Learn to lead and work with all kids of people- kids, adults, and those with special needs. Receive hands-on experience planning and organizing outdoor activities such as worship, games, crafts and more!

Gain valuable skills that can be easily transferred to your resume, such as leadership, interpersonal communication, public speaking, problem solving skills and teamwork. Grow in your faith and make memories with new friends this summer, Dive In to camp!

“Professionally, working at camp equipped me to grow in interpersonal communication skills and the amount of confidence I have about my abilities.” -Kirsten Larsen, Counselor 2012-14

Apply Today!

*To work at camp you must be 18 (before June 13, 2017). To be a counselor you must be 1 year out of high school. You may work as site support or in the kitchen directly after high school graduation.

First-time staff click here! Follow the instructions and be sure to mark Camp Lutherwood Oregon as your first choice! We are a member camp with National Lutheran Outdoors Ministry Association (NLOMA), and share in its joint recruitment process.

Return staff click here! Fill out the PDF form and print it (either to a printer or to save as a PDF). Send the completed application to, either as a scanned image or attached PDF.


Positions Available:
Cabin Counselors
Site Support
Program Support
Leadership Team
Head Cook
Assistant Cooks
Media Intern
Crafts Leader

“Personally working at camp has taught me to try to be intentional with every relationship in my life from my relationship with myself, others, or God. It is important to be genuine and giving yourself opportunities to grow in all of these relationship areas. Working at camp gave me lots of time to be reflective and to grow.” – Nathan Tew, Counselor 2013-16

Looking for year-round positions?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I get paid? 

Yes! Summer Staff receive $220 per week and are paid once a month. Summer Staff also receive free room, and three prepared meals a day during the week.

When will I work? 

Staff Training begins on June 13, 2017 and the last day of work is August 14, 2017. Staff Training is a mandatory two weeks.

During the camp week, you will be expected to work from 10:00am Sunday morning to 5:00pm Friday evening.

There are three scheduled weekends of camp programming. Summer Staff will most likely work part of each weekend, or a minimum of 1 weekend.

Do I get time time off? 

Yes! During the camp week all staff receive 1 hour off per day. Staff also have Friday evening (starting at 5:00pm) to Sunday morning (ending at 10:00am) off during non-camp program weekends.

If you need an extended amount of time off, please request the dates at the time of hire.

What does a normal day of camp look like? 

There is no such thing as a normal day of camp! Each day is filled with new adventures and activities. Typically we stick to a schedule of activities such as crafts and creation, free time, Bible study, meals, games, and campfire.

What’s the closest city, and what can I do for fun there? 

Junction City, 17 miles away. Junction City is small, but has all the essentials

Safeway (with Starbucks!)
Dutch Bros
Gas Stations
St. Vincent DePaul Thrift Store
Scandinavian Festival in August

Eugene, 25 miles away. Eugene is a mid-sized city with everything you could need

Valley River Center Mall
University of Oregon (Track Town USA!)
Mini Golf (Camp Putt and Putters)
Movie Theaters
Various local coffee shops
Lots of fast food

Florence, 1 hour away. Florence is a cute little beach town on the Oregon Coast

Triangle Lake Rock Slides
Hobbit Beach
Mo’s Chowder House
BJ’s Ice Cream

More Questions? 

Call us at (541) 998-6444 or email